Comeback Kids: The Coddiwomplers are back!

We did the one thing we always told ourselves we wouldn’t do: we stopped writing. You may or may not have noticed that we disappeared (we understand if you didn’t – you’re busy too) but disappear we did and trust us, we didn’t like it.

Where did you go? When will you start writing again? Are The Coddiwomplers dead?

These are the questions that we have been receiving since our last post back in February. While we love writing as The Coddiwomplers and sharing travel tips, a whole lot of life kept hitting us that stopped us from writing. Probably the biggest or most obvious reason is that we were gearing up to move to Ireland. I (Maggie) was moving back home to Kansas, working full-time in my mom’s bakery, and trying to fill every weekend with meaningful visits to friends and family scattered across the Midwest. Tavinia was spending every waking moment consumed by reaching the grad school finish line, organizing her things and moving them across the state, and trying to squeeze a social life in there as well.

Moved Into Our Apartment!

But we’re back now and finally settled in Ireland!

Our Precious Friends

We moved into a cute little apartment in the city centre of Cork, we’re both working, and we have made an amazing little group of friends (look at how cute they are). Now while it may sound like we have our life together, it took a lot for us to get where we are now and we are still working (aka struggling) at it every day. Don’t worry though, you should expect some posts coming up soon about our many adventures that happened while we were away.

Our Precious Friends
Our Precious Friends

During our hiatus, we also decided we wanted to change up our writing style a bit. Before, we were giving you the best tips we know, and of course we will continue doing that. But The Coddiwomplers had started to feel disingenuous. When we hatched this idea, we wanted to have a fun and upbeat blog that would empower millennials and women to make the unconventional choices in life. But we quickly fell into the trap of simply writing the articles that everyone else was writing. We just hoped against hope that maybe ours would be the chosen viral one on Pinterest that day. It started to be not so fun to write our articles.

So we’re going to work on doing that more…

while still giving you the best travel advice we have. You’ll still see some of the “Top Rated Travel Gadgets” kind of articles but they’ll only include our favorite items instead of some random stuff. And you’re also going to start seeing a lot more articles with a little extra color. We want to write more about our personal experiences instead of the run-of-the-mill travel articles we’d been writing. And we’re probably going to be keeping it really real.

We don’t want to gloss over every tough experience or every time that we’ve gotten knocked down because that’s not how life works. Sugar-coating those experiences doesn’t do anyone any favors. Plus, we’d like to think that you guys, our lovely readers, would rather see the gritty realness anyway. But of course, we will also let you know when our adventures have been mind-blowing, amazing, and utterly euphoric because that’s important too!

Thank you thank you thank you to the readers that reached out to us and wondered where we had gone. You reaching out is one reason why we were like, “Ok, it’s time to wake back up from this mini coma.” We will keep writing and we hope you keep reading.

The Coddiwomplers in Kraków, Poland!

So to answer those three questions: we were a bit lost but we’re finding our way now! We start now (again) and we’re ready. The Coddiwomplers will never die, we’re alive, thriving, and hope you’re ready to go on this journey with us!

-The Coddiwomplers


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